Sexual health and Well-being brands

Momentum Management is a sex toy brands wholesaler that has dominated the sexual health and well-being industry with quality products. As an industry leader, we have enjoyed consistent growth ever since our inception with our popular brands, including Screaming O Pleasure Products, Dynamo Delay, and LoveBuzz.


Screaming O is one of our industry-leading adult toys brands and is ideal for new or inexperienced users. It’s an internationally distributed line selling at prices that customers can afford. Whether you’re alone, together, or in bed, with Screaming O pleasure products, you’re guaranteed to have a lot of fun.

Not only are Screaming O products easy-to-use, but they’re also made of quality and safe materials that consumers can trust. Screaming O products focus on quality, trust, and value, keeping you coming for more.


Dynamo Delay is an over-the-counter (OTC) FDA regulated medicine that treats premature ejaculation. However, anyone can use it to slow the onset of ejaculation. As one of the leading sexual health and well-being brands, Dynamo Delay prolongs the time until ejaculation, giving you more pleasure.

Dynamo Delay features a 13% lidocaine formula to provide topical numbing sensations that last for hours. Despite the highly regulated OTC market, with our Dynamo Delay products, we can bring compliant products to consumers.



LoveBuzz is one of our most popular brands, and it’s a collaboration with artist JGoldcrown. LoveBuzz products are centered around the notion of love, and they aim to connect you with these emotions while inspiring sexual explorations.

Our LoveBuzz products come in all shapes and sizes, allowing you to discover your own sexual well-being and happiness. With our wide selection of LoveBuzz products, consumers can change up their habits and stay open to new things.

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