Ready to make some magic?


At Momentum Management, our passion is passion. We strive to design, produce and deliver the highest quality, most respected brands to the sexual health and wellness marketplace.

If you’re passionate about your career, come join our team.  We are on a relentless pursuit for team members who are ambitious, have an entrepreneurial spirit, lead by example, are driven towards excellence and bring out the best in us.  Our small but thriving, cutting edge company is always on the lookout for good talent.

Our team is committed.  The median employee time on the team at Momentum is eight years.  That’s saying a lot considering we have only been around for 15.

Since our humble beginnings in a small garage in 2005, we have grown to a company with a space of 25,000 square feet and have single handedly radically changed the sexual health and well-being space. Momentum Management, has achieved sales and distribution of more than 25 million products under its industry-leading Screaming O® Pleasure Products brand.

We like being the brand leader in the sexual health and well-being space.  And we want to continue to lead by example and produce the highest quality products in the industry.  That is why we need employees who are committed to those same levels of performance.

Momentum Management has enjoyed consistent growth year after year since its inception and its financial stability puts the company in a strong position for growth and expansion.

The company’s products, including its brand, Screaming O® Pleasure Products, as well as its Dynamo Delay® over-the-counter (OTC) FDA-regulated product, dominate the sexual health and well-being market in brand recognition, trust, quality and reliability.

We’re capable.  If you are too, apply within. With a dedicated, highly motivated and aspirational staff of 20 and growing who are highly-rated in their respective areas of expertise, this small, but powerful team has allowed Momentum Management to remain agile and adaptable in its growth.  If you have what it takes to help us stay on top and continue to improve our products, our methods and our team, apply now.

We demand quality. Do you? In an area of business where there are no required industry quality standards, Momentum Management established self-imposed high quality standards for its company practices, operations and production.  The company’s pioneering steps regarding quality and product warranties have led overall improvement in the sexual health and well-being industry.

Momentum Management launched its industry-leading  quality management system, the basis for Momentum’s product development and production, and positioned the company for expanding opportunities in the sexual health and well-being domestic and global market.   The company’s strong vendor qualification process allows for efficient and effective audit and assessment of suppliers for scalability and future growth.

In 2015, Momentum Management partnered with SGS | Polymer Solutions, an independent FDA- accredited laboratory, and developed a measurement panel that closely mimics the standards set forth by the Consumer Product Safety and Information Act.  All of Momentum Management’s new products go through this state-of-the-art testing process to ensure the safety of all of the materials used in its products, providing the highest level of quality, performance and reliability in the industry.

So you think you can follow your passion and thrive at Momentum Management?
So do we if you:

  • Are passionate and highly competent
  • Are a self-starter entrepreneurial type able to work with minimal supervision
  • Are highly qualified beyond your education (though we assess your skills and background, we aren’t focused on where you went to school and your academic achievement)
  • “Show up” for your team every day to be the best
  • Share our core values (honesty, integrity, driven towards excellence
  • Have an open mind about life and work
  • Work as a team member making your team better and stronger
  • Are proud of your vocational track record and want to continue your success

We believe we win when you win.  We believe that human capital is our most valuable resource.  As such, we work to protect our most valuable resource.

You can expect us to:

  • Be an interdependent team on which each staffer works well with other staffers to achieve success
  • Be a small but mighty team of highly capable, well-resourced professionals
  • Act and be trustworthy, ethical and honest always
  • Make smart decisions and to be successful
  • Make evidence-based decisions
  • Operate competently
  • Value diversity and celebrate difference
  • Help you make a difference and enable you to be noticed and recognized
  • Believe in good work/life balance
  • Provide great facilities in which to work
  • Provide generous employee benefits including paid time off and lots of company holidays off
  • Share the rewards of our success with you

Join our team.  Open Positions: