Conde Aumann is the Vice President of Momentum Management, LLC.  Aumann, who joined the company in 2008, has 20 years of experience in sales in the sexual health and wellness industry.

Aumann’s expertise in the space has allowed her to help expand Momentum’s product offerings to meet the needs and growing demands of the retail industry and their customers.   Her keen understanding of the distribution customer as well as the end user, from newcomers to sexual health and wellbeing to those who have come to know the product category well, has enabled Momentum Management to broaden its approach to product sales and marketing.

As leader of sales, Aumann helps Momentum bring in new products as well as create product branding, packaging and distribution of the products.  Understanding consumer wants, talking with customers about the product line and helping to make their experience comfortable and personalized is paramount to Aumann.  “In our industry in general, you have to be able to talk about these things like it is a stapler or pair of scissors or a shirt.   It is as normal as that,” Aumann says.

Aumann oversees training for distributors and their retail employees.  Her focus on product education helps ensure the best possible user experience.   Her philosophy is to help customers start with the basics and grow their appetite for sexual health and wellbeing product offerings over time.

Helping distributors maximize their opportunities, savings and profits is an important focus of Aumann’s role, working with them to realize success by monitoring their margins, their sales cycles, and providing purchasing data over time to adjust their accounts to best suit their needs, sales volume and goals.  From retail store chains, distribution partners and online customer interactions, Aumann works to make each and every interaction with Momentum a positive, professional experience.

As Momentum expands into mainstream retail, Aumann’s experience and perspective with customers and end users is guiding its way.  “Know the customers, understand their business and anticipate their needs,” she says.

Aumann holds a bachelor’s of science degree in social work from California State University, Sacramento.