Dan Holman is Senior Account Executive at Momentum Management, LLC.  Holman, who joined the company in 2013, has eight years of experience in sales, seven of them in the sexual health and well-being industry.  Prior to his work at the company, Holman worked in business development and hospitality where he honed his customer service skills as a young professional.

Holman’s years of experience in field sales, merchandising and product training for industry partners has allowed him to continually improve the company’s relationships with its partners and the end users’ experiences with Momentum brands.

Holman’s role as inside sales manager and account management for international markets for Momentum, allows him to understand the needs of customers as well as the growing business opportunities for Momentum.  Holman provides a mechanism for feedback regarding product performance and demand and helps him to better guide partners in merchandising, product procurement processes and sales efforts.

Through his outside sales experience in the sexual health and well-being market, Holman has been part of the driving force that has helped Momentum not only lead the way in producing premium, high quality and trustworthy products, but also influence the adoption of higher standards across the industry.  Those efforts have helped shape the sexual health and well-being market of today as the space and Momentum experience significant growth.

It’s Holman’s fresh perspective and positive approach to the industry that has allowed him to help Momentum increase its products’ attraction to adults of all ages including its fastest growing user base– customers over 45 the fastest growing segment of the health and well-being market.  From 20-somethings to consumers his parents’ ages to people of his grandparents’ generation, Holman has the ability to understand what customers of all types want and to make it easier for them to discreetly and confidently purchase those products.

It isn’t just Holman’s sales, marketing and customer service skills that make him such a great fit for Momentum and its partners, it’s his authenticity and his excitement about being in the sexual health and well-being business.  Holman is optimistic about the opportunities to grow his role in account management as Momentum expands into the mainstream retail market.

Holman holds a bachelor’s of science degree with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship from Chapman University in Orange County, California.