Gideon Perez is the Creative Director of Momentum Management, LLC.  Perez, who joined the company in 2014, is an expert in branding, design, full-scale marketing research, and strategy implementation.

Perez has 15 years of experience in all aspects of brand management including digital and traditional marketing, strategic partnerships, media relationships and communication initiatives working with companies including J.D. Power and Associates and NOP World.  In his role at Momentum Management, he guides and directs all facets of the company’s overall brand as well as its individual product branding including its industry-leading Screaming O® product line and its FDA-compliant Dynamo Delay® over-the-counter (OTC) product.

His integrative approach to Momentum Management’s business allows Perez to seamlessly and effectively work across all organizational levels of the company and with both internal and external customers and audiences.  In addition, he provides branding and product guidance related to domestic and international business with a focus on brand development with strong ROI.

Perez’s efforts were instrumental in developing the company’s first materials testing program. Though the sexual health and well-being market is unregulated, Perez worked with an FDA-accredited lab to develop a Materials Verification and Testing program that closely follows guidelines set forth in the Consumer Product Safety and Information Act.  This has played a key role in Momentum Management’s approach to developing quality products while establishing it as an industry leader through its dedication to consumer safety and trust.

Perez says keeping the customer in mind at every level of the company’s marketing including product design, marketing and packaging, is critical to creating and delivering messaging that will translate well and consumers will relate to.  Transparency and authenticity are key, he says.

Perez holds a bachelor of arts degree in business administration with an emphasis in marketing and management from Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, California.