Hui Newnham is the chief executive officer of Momentum Management, LLC.  Newnham joined the company in 2013 and brought 25 years of industry experience and expertise in general management and operations to his role.

 At Momentum, Newnham brings three decades of work successfully helping small companies increasing their reach and product sales by perfecting their operations.  His work has enabled  companies to transition successfully into  large privately held and publicly-traded companies by helping them streamline their operations while expanding and scaling production.

Newnham’s experience in all facets of processes and systems for retail, wholesale, and distribution has allowed him to help enhance Momentum Management’s business operations both domestically and internationally.   His ability to perfect the company’s processes and build a solid quality management system, which is the basis for Momentum’s product development and production, has helped the company position itself for expanding opportunities in the sexual health and well-being global market.

 During Newnham’s time at Momentum, the company has continued its unparalleled product success in the market and has enjoyed having a reputation for the highest quality, most dependable products available in the sexual health and well-being space.

 Newnham’s guidance has helped Momentum build predictable and reproducible quality, setting the highest standards in the industry by providing rigorous product testing and vendor verification processes.  Momentum established a testing laboratory in Burbank, California, that provides quality testing for all of the products sold under the company’s name and brands .  Testing includes validations that test strength, purity, and storage life testing, as well.

 In fact, Momentum’s leadership in product quality and integrity, driven by its quality management systems, has changed the industry by encouraging increased quality demand.  Their focus has allowed the company to enjoy one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings and the confidence to offer the strongest product warranty in the business with its brands, Screaming O® and Dynamo Delay®.  The company’s product, Dynamo Delay® is an over-the-counter (OTC) pharmaceutical that is regulated by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration.

Newnham’s knowledge and experience in international markets has enabled the company to implement processes that demonstrate the company’s core competencies and ability to execute on a very high level.  The company is well-positioned for growth globally and for expanding its product range.

With the help of Newnham’s skilled operations leadership, Momentum has experienced unparalleled growth in the industry while maintaining the highest quality, the most dependable and the most respected products in the sexual health and well-being market.  The company’s technical competency and logistical expertise has set up a new and higher standard for products in the marketplace.   He likes to say that  at Momentum, “Quality starts at the front door, it’s a fundamental core value.  It sets us apart.”

Newnham studied accounting at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia.