Justin Ross is chairman of the board of Momentum Management LLC.  Ross founded Momentum in 2005 bringing 20 years of financial industry leadership, business development expertise and entrepreneurial management experience to his role in the company.

Ross manages corporate development and direction as well as corporate strategy at Momentum.  In his role, Ross focuses on advancing the company’s efforts in product development, partnerships and corporate alliances, licensing deals, marketing channels, and sales and support.  He is responsible for the company’s global operations as well as development in marketing and innovation.

Since Ross’ founding of Momentum Management LLC, the privately held company has generated positive profits — from its first year in operations in 2005 to today — and continues to realize consistently progressive growth.  With his direction, the company’s products, under the brand names Screaming O® and Dynamo Delay®, have experienced increasing sales in the United States and in more than 50 other countries.  The company has enjoyed distribution via some of the most respected online retailers including CVS.com, Rite Aid.com and Target.com.

Ross’ skillful guidance has led the company to become the foremost leader in the rapidly growing field of sexual health and well-being – annually a $15 billion industry.  Momentum’s success in the space has allowed its partners to enjoy similar achievements in the industry since Ross introduced them to it more than a decade ago.  Ross has maintained those partnerships that continue to realize growth globally.

Ross has built a reputation for developing trusted products that have become staples in the sexual health and well-being category.  His focus on quality products at an affordable price has helped the company’s product lines enjoy worldwide, award-winning success.  In Momentum’s 15 years in business – or 180 months — the company has enjoyed profitability in 177 months and counting, an unprecedented track record in the industry.

Ross is a respected sexual health and well-being corporate leader, representing the most valued and trusted brands in the industry. Key to the company’s success, Ross believes, is the company’s employees, many of whom have been on the job for 10+ years.

Ross’ understanding of the sexual health and well-being space along with his financial expertise have enabled Momentum Management to become one of the industry’s most respected companies.  With the ability to scale rapidly, Ross has positioned Momentum for even greater success at a time when the industry is experiencing explosive growth.  The sexual health and well-being category trend is solidly evidenced by an increasingly higher consumer demand for quality product choices.

Justin Ross holds an MBA from USC Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California (USC) where he received the Dean’s Fellow Award. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of California, Irvine.His financial career included positions at investment bank Roth Capitol Partners in Newport Beach, CA, and Millennium Partners in New York City.