with a focus on QUALITY, TRUST, and VALUE.

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We know our market

Momentum Management brings a wealth of accumulated experience with sophisticated process management competencies.
We value evidence based decisions with trust being at the center of everything we do.

Ethical, agile, creative, successful

We add value for our partners throughout our distribution chain.

Our Brands

At Momentum Management, we are pioneers in the sales and distribution of quality adult products. We have achieved tremendous growth since 2005 when our first doors opened and are now a leading pleasure products manufacturer.

For over ten years, we’ve designed and developed products that inspire sexual exploration while meeting the highest level of performance, reliability, and quality in the industry. As one of the leading sexual health and well-being brands in California, we strive to create state-of-the-art products using safe materials.

A leading pleasure products manufacturer

Momentum Management is an established sex toy wholesaler, and we put everything into our products – all our knowledge, experience, and skills. We focus on providing value, trust, and quality in all aspects of our business, from our practices and operations to production.

All our suppliers go through a strong vendor qualification process to guarantee effective and efficient audit assessment. We also have a measurement panel that ensures all new products meet the industry’s standards, strengthening our position as adult toy manufacturers.

Since we always use the best materials, our products don’t distract from the fun. This has led to an overall improvement in the sexual health and well-being industry.

Why choose us?

In an industry with no required quality standards, we bring a wealth of accumulated experience to deliver sophisticated products while adding value to our partners throughout our distribution chain. Additionally, we are a branding sex toy wholesaler that can facilitate house branding products unique to the mass market.

Our entire team, which consists of 20 highly experienced staff, is dedicated and motivated to learn and research to help us remain agile and adaptable in our growth. Our staff values evidence-based decisions, contributing to our consistent growth every year.

As a leading pleasure products manufacturer, you can rely on us to design and develop sexual and well-being brands.

Our award-winning team

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